International Flags Fly in 9/11 Museum

International Flags Fly in 9/11 Museum

This week, 99 international flags were installed in the 9/11 Memorial Museum pavilion to commemorate the victims of 9/11. Visible from the 9/11 Memorial plaza, these flags help to signify the victims’ countries and epitomize the global impact of 9/11.

The installation of these flags recall those hanging in the mezzanine level of the original Twin Towers. Some of the flags, which were not on display on 9/11, are part of the museum’s collection.

International flags hand at the original World Trade Center. Photo: Tom Wallace.
Original South Tower lobby. Photograph by Tom Wallace.

The museum is proud to display the flags of these countries in memory of the 2,977 victims of 9/11.

By Christine Murphy, 9/11 Memorial Administration/Researcher