iPhone App Allows Users to ‘Explore 9/11′

iPhone App Allows Users to ‘Explore 9/11′

While the iPhone's alarm clock is experiencing some technical difficulties, the powerful "Explore 9/11" app showcases the smartphone's brilliant display, full audio range and its accurate GPS system.

The National September 11 Memorial & Museum created the Explore 9/11 app as a guide to understanding 9/11 through the eyes of witnesses.

Download the app now for free at Apple’s App store. Features include:


A seven-stop walking tour of the area around the World Trade Center, accompanied by photos and audio narration. The events of the day and its aftermath are told by first responders, rescue workers, volunteers, and those who lived and worked in lower Manhattan on 9/11. The tour begins at the 9/11 Memorial Preview Site, 20 Vesey St.. While the tour is best experienced on site, the content can be accessed from anywhere.


View images of 9/11-events taken nearby wherever you are. Includes an Augmented Reality mode in which photos are overlaid on the camera view. All photos were contributed to the museum by survivors and witnesses through 911history.org.


An interactive timeline of the day’s events and aftermath. Includes links to witness photos taken during these time blocks.

To report any issues with the app,  please email app@national911memorial.org for support.  

By 9/11 Memorial Staff