Memorial Remembers Victims’ Birthdays

Memorial Remembers Victims’ Birthdays

Jerry D. Dickerson’s birthday was one of eight commemorated on July 27. (Photo by Amy Dreher)

Each morning the 9/11 Memorial is commemorating the birthdays of victims of the attacks of 2001 and 1993. Memorial staff is placing a single white rose on the names of victims on the parapets.

There are birthdays for each day of the year, including 10 today. NBC New York recently highlighted the initiative. The birthday roses have become another way for visitors to learn more about the victims of the attacks and to share their experience through pictures and video.

FloraTech in Tribeca has provided a gracious discount on the roses. The floral shop’s owner, Michael Collarone, is a longtime supporter of the 9/11 Memorial. The rose placements began in mid-July.

By Anthony Guido, 9/11 Memorial Communications Manager