Museum Curators Take Part in Global ‘Ask a Curator’ Campaign

Museum Curators Take Part in Global ‘Ask a Curator’ Campaign

Our curators answered questions about the under construction 9/11 Memorial Museum. (photo by Amy Dreher)

Curators from the 9/11 Memorial Museum participated in the global Ask a Curator initiative on Twitter on Sept. 18, 2013. Chief Curator Jan Ramirez and Oral Historian Amy Weinstein answered questions throughout the day.

More than 600 museums joined in the campaign, representing 60 nations. Follow us on Twitter and view the entire campaign by using hashtag #AskACurator. Here is a small sample of the Q&A session:

@operachic asked, “@Sept11Memorial The most valuable lesson on remembrance/rebuilding from a population that suffered proximal historical trauma? #AskACurator.” Jan Ramirez responded, “Despite the acts of evil that may trigger such horror, the contemporary human social fabric is fundamentally strong, compassionate, resourceful, generous and resilient.”

@Lkbbooks asked, “@Sept11Memorial Yr museum deals with a more emotional subject than most. Does that make the work harder?” Ramirez responded, “Because the history is still unfolding, emotions cling like ivy to aspects of our subject but I’d worry if the emotion wasn’t there to guide, inspire and propel my work.”

@Duffy_Daniel asked, “@Sept11Memorial What's the single most powerful image, display, monument etc on show within the museum in your eyes?” Amy Weinstein responded, “The human voice — stories told by first responders, survivors, and family members.”

By Anthony Guido, 9/11 Memorial Communications Manager