Need to Explore 9/11? There’s an App for that

Need to Explore 9/11? There’s an App for that

If you haven't already, download the powerful "Explore 9/11" app for free at Apple's App store.

It has three main features that include a tour, a display of 9/11-related photos based on your location and an interactive timeline. 11. The images used for “Explore 9/11” are pulled from the 9/11 Memorial’s “Make History” website.

 Here's a glance at the app's main features:

  •  A seven-stop walking tour of points of interest around the World Trade Center site. Vivid pictures and audio narration bring this experience to life. Details of about what happened on 9/11 and in the aftermath are told by first responders, rescue workers, volunteers and lower Manhattan residents. The content of the tour is accessible to users no matter where they live.  
  •  An “explore” option reveals 9/11-related images that were taken nearby the users’ locations (using GPS).  The augmented reality mode overlays 9/11 photos when using the camera view. The photos are taken directly from the “Make History” website and used for various modes.
  • An interactive timeline provides a chronicling of the day’s events and aftermath. Links to witnesses photos taken during these highlighted times are included.

The app was developed by Local Projects. See a sample movieon app's walking tour.

By Michael Frazier, Sr. Communications Manager for the 9/11 Memorial