New Yorkers Tell Their 9/11 Story in New Podcast Series

New Yorkers Tell Their 9/11 Story in New Podcast Series


Robert De Niro watched the North Tower collapse from his home in Tribeca. Standing at his window, he said he needed to “look at the television to confirm what I was seeing with my own eyes.”

De Niro’s story, along with others, are part of new podcast series produced by the 9/11 Memorial Museum called “Our City. Our Story,” which is now available on iTunes and the 9/11 Memorial Museum’s website.

Hosted by experienced 9/11 oral historian Jenny Pachucki, this series focuses on stories of New Yorkers, both the everyday and the more known, to examine the place that 9/11 has taken in the greater context of their lives and how it has affected their relationship to the city.

Those who call New York home have a unique perspective on the 9/11 attacks. Whether experienced firsthand or viewed from a different borough, New Yorkers endured the deadliest attack on American soil since WWII. Each person featured comes to the conversation with a different level of closeness to the attacks. The podcast captures these points of view and more.

“9/11 was one of the worst days, but 9/12 was one of the best,” said Cristin Cricco-Powell, a reality television producer who is featured in episode 2. She remembers a time when one of the biggest cities in the world felt like a small town as New Yorkers came together and responded to their community.

Together these stories create a mosaic of perspectives that highlight the collective resilience of the New York character. Hoboken native Roger Corrado was running late to work on 9/11. As the vice chair of the New York Board of Trade, he worked around the clock to make sure Wall Street could re-open as soon as possible.

“New York people won’t bow down.” Corrado says in episode 4. “Nobody’s gonna knock us down. We just get up, dust ourselves off, and fight and keep going.”

By 9/11 Memorial Staff