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This morning, the Board of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation approved $2.29 million in funds to help support key elements of the Museum's exhibitions, including the Introductory Exhibition which is rendered above. The funds will make possible the development of multimedia displays authentic voices of those who experienced and survived the attacks. A core component of the exhibition will feature firsthand accounts using audio recordings, including oral histories and testimonies. The stories will convey the extraordinary response, the resilience of New York City’s residents and the experience of being in lower Manhattan after the attacks. These stories will also show the continuing impact of 9/11 and how the city, nation and world reacted, came together and recovered through acts of remembrance, rebuilding and renewal.

Update: Read Associated Press writer Amy Westfeldt's news report on the exhibition displays here. Doug Feiden of the New York Daily News also wrote an extensive report saying that visitors to the Museum would experience "thousands of poignant tales and (multimedia) images of loss and recovery as they walk amidst monumental artifacts of the day of terror."

With 9/11 being such recent history, we have an extraordinary opportunity to ensure its preservation for future generations. Right now, our Museum curators are working tirelessly to collect personal stories from family members of victims, survivors and first responders. Some of these stories are already available through listening stations at the 9/11 Memorial Preview Site and can also be heard through podcasts on our website. In addition, members of the general public are invited to share their own 9/11 story at the Preview Site's recording booth. In just six months, more than 1,200 people have recorded their story in 10 different languages. Clearly, the impact of 9/11 was felt around the world and we share a global connection in being a witness to this history.

By Lynn Rasic, Sr. Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications for the 9/11 Memorial