Remembering Paul Cascio: Varsity Athlete, Loyal Friend

Remembering Paul Cascio: Varsity Athlete, Loyal Friend

Left: Paul Cascio. Gift of Ryan Cremins. Right: Cascio’s varsity letter. Gift of the Cascio family in memory of Paul Regan Cascio.

Paul Cascio’s varsity letter from Manhasset Secondary School on Long Island — adorned with pins for swimming, baseball and cross country — anticipates the man he became: busy, energetic, athletic and always surrounded by a group of loyal friends. According to one of his closest from that circle, Paul “loved being on teams with his best buddies.”

Following high school, Paul attended the University of Vermont and returned to New York after graduating, moving into an apartment in SoHo. There, he hosted frequent barbeques on his building’s roof deck, serving sausages from his favorite local butcher, Faicco’s. He loved to meet up with friends at his favorite city spots: Arturo’s and Lombardi’s for pizza, Milady’s for drinks. He usually appeared for family weekends in the Hamptons towing a crowd of friends.

While enjoying everything New York had to offer, Paul was constantly planning his next big trip out of the city. His travels took him across the globe to Italy, France, Australia, Ireland, Fiji and more. During a trip to Europe after college graduation, he and his friends scoured Rome on a quest to find the best slice of pizza. After sampling multiple eateries, he exclaimed to his travelling companions, “It’s still not as good as New York!”

Paul had a talent for taking an offhand comment by a friend or a spur-of-the-moment idea and transforming it into an unforgettable experience. He once travelled all the way to Ireland to catch a concert by his favorite band, U2. He greeted opportunities for adventure with enthusiasm, from skydiving, to scuba diving, to spelunking.

At age 23, Paul had already achieved the title of vice president at Euro Brokers. He planned to spend a few years in finance before shifting to pursue a teaching career. After 9/11, his family and friends raised money for a scholarship at Manhasset Secondary School in honor of Paul and his high school classmate, Brandon J. Buchanan. Paul’s varsity letter is currently on display in the Museum’s In Memoriam gallery.

By Kirsten Madsen, Assistant Manager of Memorial Exhibition, 9/11 Memorial Museum