Today Marks Birthday of 'Man in Red Bandana'

Today Marks Birthday of 'Man in Red Bandana'

A white rose is placed in the name of Welles Crowther on the 9/11 Memorial in honor of his birthday. Photo by staff.

Today marks what would have been Welles Crowther’s 39th birthday. The former volunteer firefighter worked in finance in the World Trade Center when terrorists struck on Sept. 11. Just 24 years old, he became known as "the man in the red bandana," who gave his life helping others escape on 9/11.

When hijacked Flight 175 hit the World Trade Center’s South Tower, people on the 78th floor sky lobby huddled together, frightened and confused. A man with a red bandana covering his nose and mouth appeared from the wreckage and smoke and guided them to a stairway, leading them to safety. The man in the red bandana made three trips to the sky lobby, saving as many people as he could, until the burning building collapsed.

Crowther’s bravery and heroism on 9/11 will never be forgotten. As survivor Judy Wein, who was rescued by Crowther notes, “People can live 100 years and not have the compassion, the wherewithal to do what he did.”

Crowther’s red bandana is currently on display in the 9/11 Memorial Museum.

By 9/11 Memorial Staff