Golf Enthusiast Kathleen Moran Remembered as Good Host, Well-Traveled

A black and white photo shows Kathleen Moran at her sister’s wedding. A wooden jewelry box belonging to Moran is displayed on a gray surface. The box includes Christmas ornaments, pearls and two golf balls, as Moran was a golf enthusiast.
Left: Kathleen Moran at her sister Bernadette’s wedding. Right: Wooden jewelry box belonging to Kathleen Moran. Collection 9/11 Memorial Museum. Gift of the Moran family in memory of our sister, Kathleen Moran.

Kathleen Moran was a Brooklyn native. The second-born from a big Irish family, she often hosted the whole family for gatherings at her Bay Ridge apartment. In her backyard she tended a garden patch of tomatoes, zucchini and more, which she jestingly referred to as “her crops.” Kathleen made memories with her nieces and nephews at birthday parties and on trips to Disney World, and maintained a network of close friends who accompanied her on her travels, whether on weekend road trips to the beach or a week’s sojourn to Italy.

After 9/11, Kathleen’s family found a jewelry box in her apartment containing a medley of small items precious to her. Her 1977 class ring represented her years at Midwood High School, where she sang and acted in school musicals. A gold broach with emerald stones spoke to her Irish heritage, the home country of her parents. There were also three Christmas ornaments, commemorating her travels around the world. These were only part of Kathleen’s much larger collection of distinctive ornaments, enough to fill multiple trees during the holiday season, according to her sister Bernadette.

The box also held a green velvet bag of tees and two golf balls. Kathleen had learned to play golf during a business trip in Florida. During that first game, she didn’t have the right footwear and slid down a grassy hill. She took to the game, and after her proficiency increased, bought her own set of left-handed clubs to use for golf outings with colleagues and clients in the insurance industry. Kathleen had been slated to take another business trip to Florida during the week of September 11, but the meeting was shifted to the World Trade Center.

Kathleen's golf balls and tees are currently on display in the Museum’s In Memoriam gallery. Photo by Jin Lee, 9/11 Memorial.

Kathleen’s family donated her jewelry box to the 9/11 Memorial Museum. The golf balls and tees found in Kathleen’s jewelry box are currently on display in the Museum’s In Memoriam gallery. 

By Kirsten Madsen, Assistant Manager of Memorial Exhibition, 9/11 Memorial Museum

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