Katie Couric Interview Concludes First Season of Our City. Our Story. Podcast

Katie Couric smiles as she poses for a photo.
Katie Couric in the Our City. Our Story. podcast series.

Millions remember watching “The Today Show” on the morning of 9/11 and looking to Katie Couric and her co-host Matt Lauer to explain the unfolding attacks on the country. Fifteen years later, Couric sat down with Our City. Our Story. podcast host Jenny Pachucki to revisit her memories of that morning and reflect on how the city has recovered.

In this episode, "The Couric Effect," named after the influence that Couric has had on colon cancer screening, the Yahoo Global News Anchor remembers the responsibility she felt to her audience and the collective grief that the city felt in the aftermath.

"I remember the most emotionally searing time was, for me, were those days following 9/11 with all the signs and the Xeroxed pictures that were affixed on the chain-link fences. Where there was so much desperation to find people," said Couric.

This episode is the final in the first season of the Our City. Our Story. podcast series. Other New Yorkers who are featured include Robert De Niro, Imam Khalid Latif, and George Whipple. Together, these New York stories reveal a link of resilience and commitment to the city. The series will return with a second season in early 2017.

By 9/11 Memorial Staff

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