The Lens: Capturing Life and Events at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum

More than 200 probationary FDNY firefighters visit 9/11 Memorial plaza. They are seen gathered around a reflecting pool underneath the Memorial’s swamp white oaks.
280 probationary FDNY firefighters on the 9/11 Memorial plaza. (Photo:Jin Lee)

The Lens: Capturing Life and Events at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum is a photography series devoted to documenting moments big and small that unfold at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. 

The View: 280 probationary FDNY firefighters visit the 9/11 Memorial and Museum on April 29 to learn about the September 11, 2001 attacks. This photo was captured by Jin Lee.  

By 9/11 Memorial Staff

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9/11 Memorial Staff Member Remembers Ground Zero Recovery

Lou Mendez, the vice president of facilities at the 9/11 Memorial, stands for a photo beside the south pool.

Lou Mendes is the Executive Vice President of Design, Construction and Facilities at the 9/11 Memorial Museum.

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One World Observatory has welcomed thousands of visitors since opening to the public last Friday, but many still remember visiting the original World Trade Center’s observation deck.

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