The Lens: Viewing the 9/11 Memorial


Staff photographer Amy Dreher snaps a lot of pictures at the World Trade Center site, documenting the construction progress of the 9/11 Memorial. Amy also trains her lens on the smaller pieces that may be overlooked with a project of this magnitude. Through “The Lens: Viewing the 9/11 Memorial,” readers of The MEMO blog can share some of the unique vantage points captured by Amy.

After the whistle blows: The high visibility safety vests are a tale-tale sign they are construction workers. Sitting in Zuccotti Park is another clue that these are construction workers laboring at the World Trade Center site, a few yards away.  Around noon, in shady spaces surrounding the site  in lower Manhattan, passersby can often spot large groups of construction workers taking a break.

By Michael Frazier, Sr. Communications Manager for the 9/11 Memorial

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