A Look at the Technology Inside the Museum

A large rusty beam from the Twin Towers is displayed beside four signing screens in Foundation Hall. The concrete slurry wall is visible in the background.
Beam Signing in Foundation Hall (photo by Jin Lee)

News organizations are depicting the various ways that technology is enabling visitors to remember Sept. 11, 2001 and its aftermath at the 9/11 Memorial Museum – from online registries and mobile apps to the more than 90 multimedia installations that exist in the museum.

Andrew Rothschild of Yahoo! News focuses on the museum’s technological features, developed by Jake Barton of the museum design firm Local Projects. Among the technological projects mentioned: the Last Column, Timescape, the Reflecting on 9/11 recording booths and the beam signing digital guestbook.

Elizabeth Alton of Entertainment Designer describes the use of technology in the museum as “an innovative approach” to “bring these events alive and help interpret them for a broad audience.” Alton’s piece cites the museum’s registries, which can be accessed online, as examples, also pointing to the touch-screen feature of the Last Column and other digital experiences.

By Jordan Friedman, 9/11 Memorial Research and Digital Projects Associate

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Volunteer Eileen Egan-Annechino smiles beside a reflecting pool on Memorial plaza on her first day of docent training. One World Trade Center is visible in the background.

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On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, Linda Raisch-Lopez was wearing a new pair of high heels. About an hour after arriving to her office, located on the 97th floor of the South Tower, Raisch-Lopez heard a loud noise.

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