Museum to Hold Program for Design Professionals

One World Trade Center reflects on the windows of the Museum pavilion at the 9/11 Memorial.
(Photo: Amy Dreher)

The American Institute of Architects, or AIA, has approved the 9/11 Memorial & Museum to be a provider of continuing education credit programs for design professionals. The first program will be held in February.

Ron Vega, the 9/11 Memorial’s director of design and construction, will give a presentation titled “First Responder Architect.” Specifically, he will explore Personal Protection Equipment, or PPE – which helps prevent exposure to illnesses or injuries in the workplace – as well as dealing with the stress that follows a disaster such as 9/11.

The course description reads: “As natural or man-made disasters may occur at any given moment, there may come a time when the skills and knowledge of an architect will be brought to bear on the rescue, recovery and rebuilding efforts. This course will provide basic health and safety information to better prepare architects to meet these challenges if called upon.”

As case studies, the class will explore the World Trade Center attacks, the collapse of a Henry Hudson Parkway retaining wall and the damage response to Hurricane Sandy. The presentation provides architects and engineers with continuing education credits to renew their licenses.

Seating is limited by registration online, with priority given to licensed professionals.

By Jordan Friedman, 9/11 Memorial Research and Digital Projects Associate


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