NYC Street Signs Honor 9/11 Victims

Two street signs memorializing 9/11 victims are displayed on a gray surface at the Museum. One reads Fire Lieutenant Paul R. Martini Way and the second reads Marianne Simone Avenue.
Two street signs memorializing 9/11 victims. Above: Gift of Lt. Paul Richard Martini family. Below: Gift of Lisa Cardinali. Photos by Michael Hnatov.

From Broadway to the Bowery, every street in New York tells a story. To memorialize people, events or recent history of various neighborhoods, it’s not uncommon to see streets named or renamed after notable residents and local celebrities, with some names dating back to the 17th century.

Following this tradition, after 9/11 many New York City streets were co-named to honor those killed in the attacks. These streets often mark a victim’s childhood home, a place of residence, last employment or a favorite neighborhood spot.

In total, several hundred street signs throughout the five boroughs memorialize the innocent civilians and first responders the city lost that day. The signs typically include the victim’s name, rank or company affiliation, symbols or images of the Twin Towers.

Seven of these signs have been donated to the 9/11 Museum by victims’ relatives. The locations of such 9/11 memorial street signs can be found by searching the 9/11 Memorial & Museum Memorials Registry.

By 9/11 Memorial Staff

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