The people behind rebuilding WTC to read 9/11 victims’ names


In case you missed it. The Associated Press reported that the relatives of those killed in the World Trade Center attack will read the names of the dead with the people involved in rebuilding the trade center site as part of the ceremony for the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Reading the names of the people killed in the attacks is the focus of the annual ceremony.  According to the AP report, at first only relatives read the names, but "categories of people such as volunteers and emergency service workers were invited to participate in recent years."

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who chairs the 9/11 Memorial, and Gov. David Paterson penned a joint letter to victims' families of this year's planned pairing. The letter said that "to recognize all those who are working so hard to rebuild the site, for this year's reading of the names, family members will be paired with representatives involved in its redevelopment including architects and engineers, construction workers and administrators."

The 9/11 ceremony will take place in Zuccotti Park, a few yards from the World Trade Center site.

By 9/11 Memorial staff

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