Ray Kelly Talks Security Challenges After Paris Terror Attacks

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly sits across from Clifford Chanin as the two speak.

In a special podcast created and produced by the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, former New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly analyzes the new security challenges posed by the Paris terror attacks at Charlie Hebdo and the Hyper Cacher market.

With this podcast, the Museum launches its must-hear series titled The Reach of 9/11. Hosted by Clifford Chanin, the podcast focuses on the global struggle against terror. Listen to this episode below.


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Survivor Tree Represents Resiliency, Strength

The green leaves of the Survivor Tree contrast against the orange leaves of surrounding swamp white oaks as several visitors walk by on Memorial plaza.

On the 9/11 Memorial plaza is the “Survivor Tree,” a callery pear tree that was discovered at Ground Zero in October 2001 severely damaged, with snapped roots and burned and broken branches.

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Ceremony, Registry Help Commemorate 1993 Bombing

Three police officers in formal uniforms hold large flags, including an American flag and a New York State flag, as they stand beside a reflecting pool on Memorial plaza.

The 9/11 Memorial will hold a commemoration ceremony on Feb. 26 to honor the 22nd anniversary of the first attack on the World Trade Center, in which six people were killed and more than 1,000 injured.

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