Social Media Followers Share Memories of Twin Towers

This black-and-white photo shows the newly built Twin Towers rising above lower Manhattan. The Brooklyn Bridge is in the foreground.
(Photo: Fernando Zaccaria)

In honor of the 42nd anniversary of the opening of the original World Trade Center on April 4, 1973, we asked our Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr followers what they remember about their visits to the WTC before the attacks of September 11, 2001. Here is what some of them said:

James R., on Facebook: “I always remember the stunning views of the Twin Towers from the concourses of the Newark International Airport. I would feel the excitement of being back in New York City. When I returned after September 11, I stood, looking out the airport concourse windows, mourning a heartfelt personal loss.”

Paul W., on Facebook: “I loved those buildings. It's almost like they were alive. I’ve watched hours and hours of archival footage on their construction and their demise. Always wanted to go see them. Never got the chance...”

User haligan757, on Tumblr: “I remember looking down on helicopters and being amazed.”

Heather A., on Facebook: “I live about five hours out of the city. Every year we would make a trip. As soon as I saw those towers in the foggy distance I knew I was in my favorite place.”

Charlotte N., on Facebook: “The top of World Trade Center was where my future husband took me on my first visit to New York City around New Year’s, 1981. Love him, loved the World Trade Center! We will never forget.”

User muc-mhara, on Tumblr: “I remember the plants in the mall/lobby, the smell of the elevators, and standing in front of the towers outside, unable to see the tops of them, for how tall they were. I remember the gratefulness of air conditioning on hot summer days and the constant bustle of people coming to and fro.”

Paul S., on Google+: “Yes, as a kid, waiting to go up to the roof, I would press up against the windows and look down and getting a dizzy feeling, then go out on the roof and get hit with the wind.”

Patty A., on Facebook: “My dad drove a truck and he was delivering a load to New York City. When we got to the delivery site, I got to see them from about a block or two away. I was awestruck! The day the towers fell he called me and we talked about all the times I went to NYC with him. It has left me with wonderful yet bittersweet memories. I will never forget.”

Compiled by Jordan Friedman, 9/11 Memorial Research and Digital Projects Associate 

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