“The Stories They Tell” Video Series Lends History and Humanity to Museum Artifacts

FDNY Ladder 3's truck, partially crushed, sits on display in the 9/11 Memorial Museum.
Photo by Jin S. Lee

The 9/11 Memorial Museum’s artifacts range in scale from the monumental, like a partially crushed firetruck, to the ephemeral, like an answering machine message left for a loved one. No matter the object’s size, each item is steeped in history and rich with humanity.

The Museum’s “The Stories They Tell” video series provides a way to learn more about the Museum’s artifacts by hearing directly from the family members, survivors, first responders, and recovery workers connected to those objects. In each video, these individuals discuss the personal 9/11 history they are helping to preserve through the material they have shared.

In the video below, Carolyn Brown, sister of FDNY Capt. Patrick Brown of Ladder 3, shares the recording of her brother’s final dispatch call from the 35th floor of the North Tower.

By 9/11 Memorial Staff

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