Therapy Dog Handler Donates Items Related to Ground Zero Work

Frank Shane and his new therapy dog, Chance, meet with Museum staff. Chance is rolling over on the floor and his being petted by Shane and the staff members.
Frank Shane and his new therapy dog, Chance, meet 9/11 Memorial Museum staff. (Photo by Melanie Derschowitz)

Frank Shane, a therapy dog handler who worked with his golden retriever, Nikie, at Ground Zero, last week visited the 9/11 Memorial Museum offices in downtown New York to meet with museum staff. He brought along his new therapy dog Chance.

Nikie died several years after 9/11.

Shane donated to the museum more than 180 items relating to his and Nikie's time working at Ground Zero. They include Nikie's working vest, dog booties and credentials that he wore while on site as well as photographs and many other artifacts. These items will be part of the permanent collection and help the museum tell stories of the contributions dogs made during the recovery period at the site.

By Jenny Pachucki, 9/11 Memorial Oral Historian

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