Victims’ Memorial Quilt Retires for Preservation

The Victims’ Memorial Quilt hangs on a wall in the Museum. The wall includes images of the Twin Towers, Pentagon, and Flight 93, as well as images of the victims.
The Victims’ Memorial Quilt. Gift of Bill Doyle on behalf of the intended 9/11 family recipients of the Victim’s Quilt, (Photo: Jin Lee).

Behind the scenes, preparations are underway for the first rotation of artifacts in the public galleries since the 9/11 Memorial Museum opened one year ago. Because our preservation obligations require rest periods for materials sensitive to light and gravity, several 9/11 response-art items which helped to inaugurate the Museum will be replaced with a new selection of objects from our permanent collection.  Due to this conservation mandate, the much admired Victims’ Memorial Quilt has been retired to help preserve it.

The expansive, 60-foot long quilt features three panel sections, each dedicated to a 9/11 attack site. The names and portrait images of those respective victims are further arranged into groupings by company, flight and responder agency.

Florida resident Jeannie Ammermann conceived the concept for the quilt on September 14, 2001, as a gesture of condolence to those affected by 9/11.

“Privileging the names and faces of those killed, the quilts would honor both the individuality and diversity of those who were killed,” said Ammermann.

--By Jan Ramirez, Chief Curator & Vice President of Collections

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