Visitors to Museum Meet Working Dogs, Celebrate Opening of “K-9 Courage”

A blond toddler stretches his arms to greet a man in a dog suit.
Photo by Ben Hider

On Saturday, February 1, the 9/11 Memorial Museum celebrated the opening of the new special exhibition, K-9 Courage, with a family-friendly K-9 festival.

This event drew awareness to the diverse contributions of dogs to the rescue and recovery effort and featured tours of the exhibition, dog-themed crafts and activities for families, special film screenings, and working dog demonstrations.

  • A man in a police uniform stands and gestures on an auditorium stage with a yellow Labrador standing alongside him, with a red dog toy in its mouth.
  • A man with a black windbreaker and khakis kneels next to a shepherd dog, who is having a toy pulled from its mouth. The dog wears a vest that reads, "Do not pet K-9 unit."
  • A man in a dog suit kneels and presses a plush stethoscope to a blond toddler's chest.
  • Museumgoers in winter coats stand in front of a blue wall, looking at framed photos in an exhibition. Some visitors are wearing audio guide headsets.
  • A woman in a white turtleneck and a man in a blue shirt stand in front of a blue wall looking at a blown-up photograph of a dog standing alongside rescue and recovery workers.
  • A close-up of a shepherd dog's panting face.
Photos by Ben Hider

K-9 Courage is open to the public until summer 2021. Learn more about planning your visit to the 9/11 Memorial & Museum.

By 9/11 Memorial Staff

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