Woman Runs in Memory of Firefighter Father Killed on 9/11

Katelyn Mascali shows of a medal that’s around her neck as she takes part in the New York City Half Marathon. She is surrounded by other runners taking part in the event.
Katelyn Mascali, center, at the end of the New York City half marathon on Sunday. Photo courtesy of Zolan Kanno-Youngs/The Wall Street Journal

Katelyn Mascali was just 8 years old on Sept. 11, when her father, firefighter Joseph Mascali, ran toward the danger at the World Trade Center, she told The Wall Street Journal. He died in the attacks, but his courage continues to inspire her.

Now 23, Mascali ran the New York City Half Marathon on Sunday in honor of her father.

"He rushed into the city, got off the truck, saved so many lives, and whenever I’m running and I feel like I want to stop, that keeps me going," Mascali told the Wall Street Journal.

Mascali’s run raised money for Tuesday’s Children, an organization that supports youth and families affected by terrorism.

By 9/11 Memorial Staff

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