Year in Review: Reflecting on 2012

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As 2012 comes to an end, I am happy to share with you the 9/11 Memorial’s year end update. Thanks to your continued generosity and support, more than 6 million people have visited the memorial since opening in September 2011. They have come from all 50 states and more than 175 nations, reflecting the worldwide need to honor and remember those we lost on 9/11 at the sacred ground of the World Trade Center site.

In this region, we also saw tremendous heartbreak in 2012, from the devastation of superstorm Sandy to the shootings in Newtown, Conn., and the recent attack on first responders in Webster, N.Y. In the wake of these terrible losses, when I look out across the memorial pools, I am reminded that when circumstances require, we come together to care for one another with limitless compassion.

2013 will be a busy year for the 9/11 Memorial. As we welcome millions more to pay their respects at the memorial, we look forward to building the museum with our partners at the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey and beginning to install the exhibitions that will tell the history of 9/11 for generations to come.

I hope you will please consider making a year-end contribution to help support the memorial and museum and our mission of commemoration and education. We could not have built the memorial without you, and the museum is no different.

On behalf of our chairman, Mayor Bloomberg, the board of directors, and our staff, I wish you and yours health, happiness, and love this holiday season and throughout every season in the new year.

By Joe Daniels, 9/11 Memorial President

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