Family Room Information

The family room is located on the atrium terrace level of the Museum pavilion. It provides a private place of comfort for 9/11 family members and is available during Museum operating hours. To enter, please identify yourself as a family member. 

This room replaces the temporary family room formerly located on the 20th floor of One Liberty Plaza. A Family Room Committee helped coordinate the transfer of materials from this room to the family room in the Museum. Unclaimed materials from the temporary family room are in the care of the New York State Museum and Archives for preservation and educational purposes. To see archived imagery and videos from the family room at One Liberty Plaza, please visit the New York State Museum and Archives website. If you have any questions, please contact the Family Room Committee at

The Family Room Committee asks for your cooperation in adhering to the following guidelines:
• Tribute items should be no larger than 8.5 x 11 inches in size and affixed only to tackable surfaces using only the supplies provided.
• Items placed elsewhere or those exceeding the size guidelines will either be relocated or removed.
• Members of the media should not be escorted into the family room. It is a space of quiet reflection for families. 
• Please refrain from bringing food or fresh flowers into the room.