FAQs for Registrants

More information about this educational exhibition and the accompanying resources can be found on our website.

All libraries and schools in the United States are eligible to download the poster exhibition, September 11, 2001: The Day That Changed the World, for free. 

To register for the downloadable poster file and access additional exhibition resources, click here.

The posters are available to download as a 20 MB PDF. Registration requires contact information and acknowledgment of the 9/11 Memorial & Museum’s Terms and Conditions.

We occasionally get reports of individuals have difficulty viewing or saving PDF, even when the link is visible to them. There are a few possible explanations for this:
a. Processing Power It may be that this file is simply very slow to load on your computer; particularly when using a slower connection, it can take considerable time to open or save certain files. The file size is 20 MB which is not considered a “large” file and should download without incident. If you are having trouble, it is best to try to save the file without first opening it.
Save without displaying
- Right-mouse-click (or control-click, particularly with a one-button mouse) on the text link for the PDF.
- On the menu, select save (with Internet Explorer) or "save link as" (with Firefox).
- In the box that appears: - Select where you want the file to be saved.
- Give the file a name meaningful to you (be sure that the extension of the file is in PDF format)
- Click the save button.
b. Browser Software Some files upload and display more successfully in one browser software than another (e.g., a PDF may instantly open in Google Chrome that does not immediately display in Firefox or Internet Explorer). You may be prompted with an option to “open file with...” which will allow you to select a software available to your device. Supportive software for viewing a PDF include “Preview” as well as “Adobe”. You may confront error messages, or even a series of strange text characters. We would suggest trying another browser to download and open the file.

This content is carefully worded to be approachable and accessible for audiences in 8th grade and up. We also have crafted lesson plans and resources for addressing difficult topics with younger audiences.

Please see the links below:
https://www.911memorial.org/learn/students-and-teachers/lesson-plans https://www.911memorial.org/learn/youth-and-families/talking-children-a…

We recommend hanging all 14 posters in the sequence they appear on the file. Posters should be displayed at a comfortable height for standing and seated visitors. Accessibility standards recommend mounting between 48 and 67 inches above the floor. For this exhibition, mounting the posters on a 58 inch centerline above the floor is ideal. These lightweight posters should be mounted on a flat surface using standard tape, push pins, thumbtacks, or other adhesive devices. Please display these posters in a well-lit, accessible space within your institution.

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Registrants will have access to a recorded training with installation guidelines and information on using the Museum’s online resources to supplement the exhibition.

Lesson plans, primary resources, and other educational materials have been curated by the Museum’s Education staff for this exhibition. These resources are available on our website.

Yes, we offer an extensive slate of online and onsite programming for a diverse set of audiences. Programs include Virtual Field Trips for schools, Professional Development workshops, Guided Tours for the public, Public Programs, our annual Anniversary in the Schools webinar, and activities for younger audiences. Online resources, including lesson plans, interactive timelines and exhibitions, and archived Public Programs, are available as well. Learn more about our educational offerings by visiting us here.