Media Center

Welcome to the media center. Members of the media interested in covering the 9/11 Memorial & Museum may use this site to find timely information, arrange a visit, request permission to film and download high-resolution images and video for use in news and travel media pieces.

Due to preparations for the anniversary commemoration on September 11, there is a film and television projects filming freeze from Monday, August 26, through Friday, September 13. Media requests related to the anniversary commemoration may be requested via

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am a member of the media. How do I arrange a visit to the Museum?

A: The communications department regularly provides access to the site for members of the media. Click here for details.

Q: How can I obtain permission to film at the site?

A:  All filming for news, travel media and documentary projects must be cleared by the communications department. Click here for guidelines.

Q: How can I obtain images and video for use in a news piece?

A: Digital assets are available to members of the news media. Please email to request the password. To license images or videos for all other purposes, please contact us. 

Visitor statistics

Memorial: More than 47 million since opening in September 2011

Museum: More than 15 million since opening in May 2014