Interior of a gift shop, a long, modern room stocked with many types of 9/11 memorabilia.
Photo by David E. Starke

Museum Store

All Museum Store purchases and donations help sustain the 9/11 Memorial & Museum. We invite you to come see us during your visit, or online at any time. 

The 9/11 Memorial & Museum Store offers a carefully curated selection of meaningful keepsakes, commemorative gifts, artwork, books, and other items with the sole purpose of honoring the heroes, victims, and legacy of 9/11. We are open during regular Museum hours. 



  • Three flags next to a framed Flag of Honor poster.
  • Shelves full of 9/11 memorial memorabilia, including black knit caps, mugs, water bottles, and shirts.
  • Never Forget 9/11 tshirts, hoodies, baseball caps and mugs.
  • A display of hardcover and paperback books about 9/11 topics.
  • Teddy bears wearing FDNY uniforms on a shelf
  • Keepsake keychains adorned with American flag

Photos: David E. Starke