News Release: 20th Anniversary Commemoration

August 14, 2021

“There has been no change from previous years: the annual commemoration has always been focused on those who were killed in the attacks, and their family members are invited to attend with any guests they’d like to bring along. Once a year, every year, for four hours family members and their guests have an opportunity to come to the 9/11 Memorial plaza and mourn together. Forty percent of the families of those killed at the World Trade Center have received no remains of their loved ones – the Memorial serves as a cemetery for them – the only place to grieve for their loved ones. Every year on September 10, we provide hours of exclusive access to the Museum for members of the 9/11 Community: rescue and recovery workers, first responders, downtown residents, survivors, family members of victims and more. We will do so again this year. The Memorial will open to the public on the day of the anniversary at 3:00 p.m. and remain open until midnight.”

—9/11 Memorial & Museum President and CEO Alice M. Greenwald