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After 9/11 security was never the same again. I remember when I traveled to Miami in May 2001 I saw how many were carrying things that today would be unthinkable to carry on board. At the airport, the controls were minimal and there was a festive and relaxed atmosphere. 😃

Then I came back in June of the following year and everything definitely changed. From checking all the luggage 👨🏻‍✈️🎒boarding the aircraft ✈️ and arriving at the North American airport 🇺🇸 it was quite a process. In fact, some police officers 👩🏾‍✈️🧑🏽‍✈️ asked me to accompany them to a room where they made me unfold an entire exhibition stand that I had to place it at a fair in a hotel north of the city. We lasted at least like two hours before we could leave that place. 🕑

When I was in the city, I felt the fear, the uneasiness of knowing that something else could happen at any moment. 😨😰 When taking elevators you felt the silent panic of the people, when taking the bus you bit uncertainty and restlessness was patent. And it was not for less, a few months ago the unthinkable had happened.😭

This video collects aspects of the construction of the WTC, its splendor, the attacks, the affected nationalities, its fall and the resurgence of the new One World and the new WTC complex as well as the memorial that was designed so that we never forget. Perhaps the soundtrack that was applied does not have much to do with the events, but it is the same one that was heard in the last moments while debris and people fell from the destroyed floors before the collapse. It's about #she She'sAlwaysAwoman from @Billyjoel.

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