Painted in mind for the chapter, The Dogs of 9/11
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The Dogs of 9/11  . . .We enter the training course, Kieffer is anxious to get started. Officer Hanley unleashes him and off he goes. He leaps onto the balancing beam, trot along, jumps down looks back at his handler. We follow Kieffer around the course. He is now sailing over hurdles three, four feet high.

I learned that all of the dogs are from the Czech Republic and Hungary. The fee is less and they are more genetically diverse. This last bit of information is very believable. On the wall in the main office there are 8 x 10 photos of each of the 32-K9s with handler's. Kieffer bounces over and poses perfectly. When I put my camera down, he gives me an all over facial slurp. Like all dogs in this division he is dual trained both in recovery and apprehension. At home he plays in a large fenced yard with Dakota, a spayed female shepherd.

During the first month the dogs discovered over 20,000 DNA – valuable parts that humans, on their own, would never find.

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