A 9/11 Novel
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Sean Sullivan, no ordinary hero, is a small-town police officer seeking to make a big-time difference in the world.  After accepting a position with the New York City Police Department, he gets more than he bargains for during the most tumultuous time in the City’s history, 9/11.

Officer Sullivan and his partner begin the morning of September 11th patrolling Times Square but find themselves speeding downtown in their patrol car as soon as they learn of the first airplane crashing into the North Tower of the World Trade Center.  Witnessing unimaginable loss of life and narrowly escaping death himself, he awakes in a hospital, alone.  Reeling from an already fragile marriage, his struggles are compounded when he realizes his wife, Amy, is not by his side.

Are family, faith, and human connection enough to erase the pain of survivor’s guilt?

6 x 9