Drawing triptych of Brooklyn Bridge with Twin Towers (April 2001) by Christy Symington
Details -

Drawn during my studies at the New York Studio School 1997-2001. I only did three drawings in outside locations, this triptych and two others also on this register, all have the Twin Towers in April 2001. I did many drawings from life models in the studio.

This is a plein-air drawing of three parts of Brooklyn Bridge from Empire Fulton Ferry State Park on the Brooklyn side with the Twin Towers visible in the right-hand section. It takes in a 180-degrees view and appears to bend like our cameras now take in panorama mode.

The left-hand section looks towards Brooklyn with the terracotta red brick wall front of the Civil War Era warehouse buildings, Empire Stores. The Stores held goods like sugar, molasses, wool, rubber and most notably, coffee. It is now developed as a modern urban marketplace.

The middle section looks side on to the iconic pointed arches of the neo-gothic towers supporting the bridge. It was the longest suspension bridge in the world at the time of its opening and the first to connect Manhattan and Brooklyn across the East River.

The right-hand section looks towards Manhattan as the bridge bows down to the ground past the tower on the other side of the East River, the Twin Towers rising through to peak the famous New York skyline.

34 x 66 inches