Towers of light
Ecliptic tapers of hope
Severing fear from night
Sentinels of the sky
Vesper stars
projected prayers upon the drifting clouds
Ceaseless thoughts of those we love and
For whom we grieve
So they might dance with Pleiades
Instead of being trapped in a mournful trance
of terrestrial chaos.
Is the light shining upward, against the sky
Or beaming earthward
Against the orb
where hope and fear converge?
Standing beneath the azure illumination
A Bethlehem moment
Bathes the earth with light
From a heavenly chamber
Where God casts
The stellar magnitude of His love
Upon a blighted sphere
where hatred attempted to asphyxiate life
in its back draft
one unsuspecting day,
when the air was crisp
and silvery skyscrapers shimmered in the dawn.
Now light, piercing the dark,
Narrates from horror’s stage that peace is attainable
By reaching for the stars.
And that the memory of a September day
Will never dim like Broadway Monday nights.
Towers of light!
Are they rising
or traveling through celestial spaces
to kiss
our pain
galactic grace
to calm the tempest of our storms?
whose voice
rebukes the wind
assigning evil to travel the road of night
For light does not sanction darkness here.
Towers of light!
Illuminated pathways
to affectionately carry those we venerate
and place them in the company of the stars,
out of reach
but never
out of touch.
Love diffused among a sea of stars
Reflecting upon the
ocean of emptiness
where we endure.
Towers of light!
Eighty eight luminaries
Ascending to the sky.
Or is it a Creator’s sorrow,
Two tears falling from His eyes
upon the earth?
If humanity would consent to
radiate light from within its heart,
then the world
in all its brilliance
might confound the stars above,
forcing them to deliberate,
from their vaulted firmament,
that they are not the only heaven
and that earth
had come,
at last,
to its

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