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World Trade Center
The shocking events on the beautiful morning in September ignited a series of reactions that no one could've foreseen. Our country was a wartime target for the first time in its history. By November the multiple ramifications of these events quickly spread throughout the world.

I wanted these paintings to stop time so that the complexity of the event could sink in. By repeating a set framework, many divergent layers of meaning could be explored. The chaotic moment could be seen from many points of view. Pictures that no one could have seen would be recorded. I could look for as long as I needed to look.

The repeated framework started with a first layer of a radial grid that signified the lines of latitude and longitude demarked on a globe, or used on a radar screen. They were done in oil stick that would come back to the surface through all the later layers of watercolor. The two towers formed the next layer, created by acetate masks taped in place then drawn or painted over. They appeared in every picture as empty space, making the towers both present and absent in each composition, the still center around which the confusion swirls. After that came layer after layer of paint, stencils, stamps, collage, computer-developed images, drawing, scratching, erasing