Mommy where is daddy?

Why did you come to school?

We are working on this project

Look isn't this really cool?

My mommy's eyes are full of tears

I sense that something is wrong

I've never seen my mommy cry

So what is going on?

With concern in my eyes the teacher said

You get to go on home

My mommy gently grabbed my hand

But the tears are far from gone

Mommy puts me in the car

Gives me breakfast and a fork

We are going on a little trip

Headed to New York

Isn’t daddy in New York?

She let out a little sigh

Then I asked with most concern

Mommy why is it that you cry?

See daddy went to work last week

He was supposed to be back today

Are we going to go pick him up

I want to surprise him i loudly say

Through the silent ride we got there

That's when i heard to truth

Daddy was not coming home

I didn't know what to do

They gave mommy a letter

When both our names came through

It said that daddy loves us

Always through and through

Every day i read that letter

That's on my bedroom wall

And I ask God every single day

Why he let those towers fall

Robert Cooper

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