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                 9 - 11/ Fallen Firefighters Memorial Guitar
In September of this year I was contacted by Brent Cortez and John Saucier, who are both retired firefighters. They were interested in building a guitar themed around 9 -11. Their idea was of a double neck guitar with the necks representing the twin towers. In this guitar design they requested to include The Spirit of Louisiana (the fire truck donated from Louisiana
to New York), plus other images from footage and photos of 9 -11.
     The guitar was ordered as a raw kit. The first step in the design was customizing a leather pickguard. The engraving of the guitar came next. A total of five people came together in working on the guitar. The guitar design and build was done by Blake Marks, with the Blake Marks Studio. Metal engraving was done by Don Lalonde, with Louisiana Laser Systems.
Guitar wiring and setup was performed by Ricky Vaughn, with Tricky Bayou-Caster. Guitar component machining was with Matt Guidry, with Cajun Outdoor Products. Pickguard stitching
done by Steve Teague, with S&D.
With so much thought and work being put into the initial build, Steve Teague and I decided a case for the guitar needed to be made. Case was built from scratch. Exterior of the case was designed and engraved by The Blake Marks Studio. Interior of the case was lined
and covered by Steve Teague with S&D.
All work was performed and donated in memory of the fallen firefighters and all who perished in 9 - 11. This piece will be donated to Louisiana Firemen’s Association. Permanent
display is yet to be determined.
I would like to thank everyone who donated their time and skills in making this project a one of a kind work of art.

Blake Marks