(In memory of the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center attacks--to all victims and loved ones and their fellow compatriots, American and foreign alike)


There is a heaviness this hour...
like the heaviness of human beings shredded
from impact of Airplane sinking into the side 
of Tower, of being incinerated in fire raining 
down from hell that has flown to the sky, of being
crushed by overwhelmed buildings buckling and crumbling,
of suffocating from smoke and dust and ash pretending as oxygen.


There is a heaviness this day...
like the heaviness of gravity yanking body
onto ground and shattering life after a high
16-floor jump to escape fire, of being struck by rubble 
and shrapnel and humans flung, of losing young ones and a 
mother's growing womb to the trample of desperate feet hoping 
to outrun terror, of being trapped and counting life's memories
in surrender and waiting yet not knowing what dress demise will wear.


There is a heaviness this lifetime...
like the heaviness of absorbing toxic things 
and trauma-wave to start body diseased and mind 
afflicted and spirit ailing and soul weary, of not 
receiving reply to message sent to Dearly Beloved once news 
came of atrocity, of perpetually anticipating a return that never 
comes of a loved one gone to help give aid to victims of hostility,
of waiting for years for someone to re-enter home even if just a ghost.   


There is a heaviness and I'm afraid
there will never again be lightness. People 
sharing time and space, murdered: countrymen and 
citizens from the world, unsuspecting collection. Silenced 
too are pets, God's earth angels: ones claiming family, strays and
street urchins, ones duty-bound to private or public service. Yes, we'll 
ever grieve, ever mourn, for I'm afraid we are heavy and will be light nevermore.

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