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Pierre Emmanuel Chalory

Marseilles France


New York 9 11 Mémorial

Marseilles July 18 2011

Hello ! This is a google translation french english, scuse me for faults

I present myself ; I am called Pierre Emmanuel Chalory, I am very interressed to participate in the community of artists of the 9 11 memorial of New York. In homage to the September 11 victims 2001. I paint since 1982. I exposed many times to Marseilles, in France, and in Italy. In summer 1998, I did a picture series on New York. The first time that these works were presented to the public was in a personal exhibition, summer of the 6 to August 14 1998, city Hall of the 6 & 8èmes Districts to Marseilles. Among the exposed pictures, Was located a canvas representing the twins towers; photo n° 1. As unbelievable as that can appear, you can note on each of the turns, A corresponding slash practically to the impacts of the airplanes commit suicide attempts of September 11 2001 to New York. This is absolutely authentic, I possess a video of the vernissage of the exhibition, of August 6 1998 where one perfectly sees the picture in question. I extracted of this video several here joined photos of bad quality, But sufficient to note the fact that this picture was well painted more than 3 years before the 11 9 2001. This picture has since exposed in many exposition rooms. The day of September 11 2001, it was in window to the Gallery Provence Art culture and creation. I possess necessary the very documentation to prove what I say. Since, I realized videos and reproductions in 3 d of this picture, Currently I realize a sculpture in marble and metal that I count to present at the time of an exposition commemorating the 10th one "anniversary" atttentats of 2001. If you are interressed for a presentation of this canvas to New York, I am opened to any suggestion. I possess about 100 pictures in this even trains. Currently I have a site myspace or you will be able to see more photos and video. I work to the potential creation of a gallery in 3D. As soon as this site will be operational, I would communicate you the address Web. I am equally finishing an illustrated book relating the history of this series of pictures, Of which several possess astonishing characteristics. I hope that you will be interessed by my participation to your memorial.

I thank you attention that you will want well to bring to this mail, thank you for advances.

Pierre Emmanuel Chalory.