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Kate Bergen

Manahawkin NJ United States

    Statement of Work

     "Women of 9/11" is a collection of paintings dedicated to the women of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Washington DC. This series was brought about in part by the pandemic when I began painting women on the frontlines of COVID and it occurred to me that there might be some women who were still working. I found 8 such women and painted them in a portrait titled " A Tale of Two Wars".

    After this, I decided I needed to make another collection to highlight these remarkably strong women who thought the world forgot about them.

    So much of our 9/11 tributes have been, ‘thank the brothers in red and blue” with barely anything spoken to women that were also there on 9/11. I decided to change that. I was able to network and connect with women over the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and DC region.

    These women, (though they would never feel comfortable with the term) truly exemplify the word hero. Remarkable, inspirational, and heartbreaking. These women, all survivors, all  heroes who went to work on 9/11 not knowing what they were walking into, but determined to help in every way; all who have suffered in some way in the aftermath. I felt the need to take some of that weight off their shoulders by showing my thanks and admiration with these paintings.

    Through my efforts I have been able to connect with over 50 women that were involved in 9/11. I was even able to connect with the families of the three women that perished that day: Moira Smith of NYPD, Kathy Mazza of the Port Authority and Yamel Merino of Metro Care EMS. There are many women who have since passed due to 9/11 related illnesses and will also be featured in this collection. I consider it a tremendous honor to have been given the permission to pay tribute to these heroes and I hope it to be one befitting their character and sacrifice.




    Kate Bergen is a NJ paramedic and artist who found her passion painting female frontline workers during the COVID pandemic (Modern Day Rosies). This led her to connect with women who had worked through 9/11 and now the pandemic. Her first painting of the Women of 9/11 Collection titled "A Tale Of Two Wars" and included 8 women.

    Kate has garnered national attention for her work with her Modern Day Rosie Collection. She has been featured on Good Morning America and ABC news. She has been honored to be featured on the cover of Real Women Magazine and had the pleasure of speaking through several interviews. 

    Kate is currently working on launching her public speaking career, sharing with the world how one person's struggle brought light and hope to so many her works resonated with.