The Memorial

The 9/11 Memorial is a tribute of remembrance, honoring the 2,977 people killed in the terror attacks of September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center site, near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and at the Pentagon, as well as the six people killed in the World Trade Center bombing on February 26, 1993.

Water flows down four walls and disappears into a void at the center of a Memorial reflecting pool. Sunlight creates shadows on the pooled water.
Photo by Dan Winters

About the Memorial

Three yellow roses stand at the names of victims etched on a sunlit Memorial. The names are near the inscription indicating Pentagon victims. The water of a reflecting pool can be seen further afield.
Photo by Jin S. Lee

The 9/11 Memorial is located at the site of the former World Trade Center complex and occupies approximately half of the 16-acre site. The Memorial’s twin reflecting pools are each nearly an acre in size and feature the largest man-made waterfalls in North America.

Names on the Memorial

Several white roses and a small American flag have been placed at names on the Memorial. The names are under an inscription indicating they are American Airlines Flight 11 victims.
Photo by Jin S. Lee

Prior to its opening in 2011 on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the National September 11 Memorial & Museum underwent a multi-year process to verify and arrange the names that would be inscribed into the Memorial’s bronze parapets. All inscribed names represent 9/11 attack homicide victims: people who died as a direct result of injury sustained in the attacks on September 11, 2001, including the impacts of the planes and the building collapses.

Every name can be located by the panel on which it is inscribed. A panel address is comprised of the letter N or S (N for North Pool, S for South Pool) followed by a number 1 through 76. See a full list of names on the Memorial

9/11 Memorial Audio Guide

A laminated photo of a firefighter wearing a helmet rests inside a name on the bronze parapet of the Memorial alongside single red rose, surrounded by small white flowers.

Explore the 9/11 Memorial with this audio guide app that features a 40-minute tour about the events of 9/11, the victims of the attacks, and the design of the Memorial.

9/11 Memorial Glade

It’s just after dawn at the Memorial Glade. About a dozen oak trees cast a shadowy green over a shaded path and six stone monoliths. The area is quiet and no one is in sight. Ivy beds and fresh-cut grass flank the path, which turns to a building beyond the trees.
Photo by Jin S. Lee

This dedicated space honors the ongoing sacrifice of rescue, recovery, and relief workers, and the survivors and members of the broader lower Manhattan community, who are sick or have died from exposure to toxins at the World Trade Center site in the aftermath of 9/11. It also recognizes the courage, selflessness, and perseverance of the men and women of the rescue and recovery effort.

The Survivor Tree

A Callery pear tree known as the Survivor Tree is seen among the Memorial’s white oak trees. The Survivor Tree’s dark green leaves stand in contrast to the yellow-green leaves of the oaks.
Photo by Jin S. Lee

A Callery pear tree became known as the “Survivor Tree” after enduring the September 11, 2001 terror attacks at the World Trade Center.

Tribute in Light

Water cascades down the illuminated walls of the North Tower reflecting pool on a warm night. The water pours down a square hole at the center of the pool. In the distance, a moon hangs over the city and the Tribute in Light shines above the buildings.
Photo by Jin S. Lee

Tribute in Light is a commemorative public art installation that both honors those killed and celebrates the unbreakable spirit of New York.

Mission to Remember: Caring for the Memorial Pools

Each weeknight, 9/11 Memorial staff climb inside the twin pools of the Memorial to give them a top-to-bottom cleaning. Watch as Chief Engineer Anthony LoCasto gives a behind-the-scenes tour of all the care that goes into keeping the Memorial a special place for reflection.


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