Visitors with Limited Mobility

Accessible Pick-Up and Drop-Off Locations
The Memorial and Museum are wheelchair accessible. There is an accessible pick-up/drop-off location near the intersection of Albany and Greenwich streets, on the west side of Greenwich Street just south of Albany Street. This point is available for privately-owned vehicles servicing passengers with disabilities. There is also a passenger pick-up/drop-off location on the west side of Washington Street between Albany and Carlisle Streets. This location is available for expeditious drop-off and pick-up from taxis, black cars and private vehicles.

Accessible Transportation 
There are several accessible public transportation options in lower Manhattan The M5, M9, and M20 New York City Transit buses all offer accessible service. The Chambers Street 1/2/3 subway station, the Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall 4/5/6 subway station and the Bowling Green 4/5 subway station are all accessible. For more information on accessibility via public transit, please visit or call 311. 

Service Animals
Service animals are welcome on the Memorial and in the Museum.

9/11 Memorial 
Mobility devices such as wheelchairs, mechanized scooters, other power-driven mobility devices and walkers are accommodated on the 9/11 Memorial. All entrances and public areas of the Museum, including the exhibitions, auditorium, classrooms, café and the Museum Store are wheelchair accessible. All public restrooms have wheelchair-accessible stalls. Elevators, and in most cases escalators, are offered throughout the Museum wherever stairs are available.

Accessible Entrance to the Memorial 
Enter the 9/11 Memorial at the intersection of Liberty Street and Greenwich Street, at the intersection of Liberty Street and West Street or at the intersection of West Street and Fulton Street. Ramps are available at the southern edge of the Memorial plaza. 

Memorial Design
The 9/11 Memorial names parapets are specially designed with chamfered corners so that a seated person or a person of short stature may experience the same view of the inner Memorial voids as a person experiencing the view from a higher vantage point. The Memorial design is based on the concept that the bottom of the central void of each pool cannot be seen by the visitor, which creates a sense of water flowing eternally without ever filling up the pools. Visitors are not intended to see all the way into the interior of the central void, as the voids of the pools are meant to symbolize the enormity of loss suffered on 9/11 – a loss that can never be filled.

9/11 Memorial Museum

Museum Security Screening
All visitors and baggage are subject to security screening, including any personal mobility devices.

Wheelchair and Wheeled Walker Availability 
Manual wheelchairs (standard and wide) and wheeled walkers are available free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis at the coat check in Concourse Lobby in the Museum. Wheelchairs are provided solely for use in the Museum, and advance reservations are not available.

Museum Seating 
There is limited seating throughout the Museum. Benches are available in Concourse Lobby, on the Ramp, in Memorial Hall, Foundation Hall, and within the memorial and historical exhibitions.

For more information, please contact (646) 583-3419 (voice or VP), (212) 266-5212 (TTY) or