Court Officers Donate 9/11 Quilt

Court Officers Donate 9/11 Quilt

The names of three 9/11 victims are displayed on the donated quilt. (Photo by Cristina Melendez, 9/11 Memorial)

Five officers from the New York State court system have donated a quilt made in tribute of three fallen colleagues on 9/11.

Maj. Joe Rodriguez along with George L. Serrano, Patrick O’Malley, Carlos Anthony Vazquez and Richard Krulish from the New York Supreme Court Officers Association, donated the quilt to the 9/11 Memorial Museum recently.

“Donating the quilt to the museum collection works out very well. It will be seen by a far bigger audience and have a proper home where the public and family members can pay their respects. The quilt is very important as it honors the three we lost and also those who responded, helped and survived,” says Rodriguez, who also has donated a hard hat used in the days following 9/11.

The three court officers who died on 9/11 were Mitchel Wallace, William H. Thompson and Thomas Jurgens. The quilt had been on display in the New York State Supreme Court Officer’s Association Union Hall. The surviving officers were looking to find a more prominent place for the quilt, where it could be more widely viewed.

By Anthony Guido, 9/11 Memorial Communications Manager