The Lens: Viewing the 9/11 Memorial

The Lens: Viewing the 9/11 Memorial

(Amy Dreher photo)

Staff photographer Amy Dreher snaps a lot of pictures at the World Trade Center site, documenting the construction progress. Amy also trains her lens on the smaller pieces that may be overlooked with a project of this magnitude. Through “The Lens: Viewing the 9/11 Memorial,” readers of The MEMO blog can share some of the unique vantage points captured by Amy.

In memory of:  Relatives, close friends and co-workers of the victims whose names are inscribed on the 9/11 Memorial are leaving behind various tributes. Since the memorial opened, Amy Dreher through her photography has been documenting all the tributes, from flowers and rosary beads to U.S. flags and the "You are loved" note tucked inside the inscribed name of George John Bishop.

Amy plans to post more pictures of these tributes on "The Lens" series. 

By 9/11 Memorial staff