StoryCorps: Recording Memory of the 1993 WTC Bombing Attack

StoryCorps: Recording Memory of the 1993 WTC Bombing Attack

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The National September 11 Memorial & Museum is commemorating the 19th anniversary of the Feb. 26, 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center by sharing stories and artifacts connected to that tragic day. Help pay tribute to the six people killed in the attack by sharing your comments, memories and reflections.

Charles Maikish said dental salesman John DiGiovanni being in the parking garage just before terrorists detonated a bomb at the World Trade Center on Feb. 26, 1993 was "just happenstance." 

"He had made a sales call, parked his car and the bomb exploded," Maikish, a former World Trade Center director and CEO, said in an audio recording remembering DiGiovanni at StoryCorps.

Maikish also recalled delivering the news to DiGiovanni's mother and the commitment she has to honoring her son's memory. Listen to Maikish's story and other oral histories here.

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By 9/11 Memorial staff