9/11 Memorial Museum Establishes New Weekly Gallery Talk

A woman with a backpack walks through the exhibition “Rendering the Unthinkable: Artists Respond to 9/11.” Dozens of small artworks are displayed on the wall in front of her.
The exhibition “Rendering the Unthinkable: Artists Respond to 9/11,” on view at the 9/11 Memorial Museum. Photo by Jin Lee, 9/11 Memorial.

The 9/11 Memorial Museum has launched a new weekly gallery talk series, which will highlight selected artworks from the exhibition “Rendering the Unthinkable: Artists Respond to 9/11.” The program will run every Thursday through fall 2017.

These free, 20-minute talks for museum visitors given by curatorial staff will explore selected artworks from the exhibition, highlighting that artists were not only witnesses to the horrifying spectacle of the 9/11 attacks but many also had close personal connections to the World Trade Center and to those killed. 

“That urgency of creative engagement is not surprising in a metropolis that serves as home to, and inspiration for countless visual artists,” said Jan Ramirez, Executive Vice President for Collections and Chief Curator at the 9/11 Memorial Museum. “It represents another form of evidence measuring the societal impact of 9/11.”

The Museum staff heading these talks will focus on the diversity of styles, media and thematic ideas reflected in the artworks on view, as well as the tenacity of effort that the artists demonstrated in their search for meaning after this destructive event.

By 9/11 Memorial Staff

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