Students Volunteer to Tag 9/11 Memorial Trees

A volunteer, Isabella Arroyo, smiles for a photo as she tags a tree on the 9/11 Memorial Plaza.
Volunteer Isabella Arroyo tags a tree on the memorial plaza. (Photo: Ron Vega)

As part of National Volunteer Week, students from various high schools in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens volunteered to ID tag more than 150 trees on the 9/11 Memorial plaza last weekend.

For the first time since the Memorial opened, every tree within the plaza now has a unique tag number to indicate its precise location, meaning that those who sponsor cobblestones will be able to more easily find their stones on the Memorial.

“I didn’t expect to enjoy tagging trees so much,” says Belkis Sosa, one of the volunteers. “I learned a few facts about trees, as well as some of the plans for the Museum’s future in the next few years.”

You can view a map on our website of the cobblestones on the plaza with the names of the sponsors and the nearest tree listed for each.

Read more about what the Museum is doing to honor National Volunteer Week. You can also learn more about the summer session for Visitor Services volunteers, open to high school or college students.

By Jordan Friedman, 9/11 Memorial Research and Digital Projects Associate

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