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Tony Noe

New York NY United States

    Statement of Work

    3 songs in commemoration

    "Sacred Place" is a song that was written and recorded in the aftermath of the September 11 tragedy, paying tribute to victims, survivors, first responders, rescue workers, volunteers, police and firefighters. It bears witness to the grief, gratitude and sense of unity that developed amongst complete strangers, both local and from afar, who offered their need to help in any way they possibly can, and reflects on the dichotomy of those shared emotions. The recording consists of vocal and acoustic guitar by Tony Noe, with slide Dobro riffs contributed by fellow New Yorker Vinnie Zummo.

    "Rescue" is a song that pays homage to civilians and military personnel, who risk and sacrifice their lives in order to save and protect others. It begins generically, then travels through time from September 11 and eventually pays tribute to the World War II generation. This version has been re-recorded and orchestrated, setting it apart from a previously recorded acoustic version.

    "Savior In The Waiting" is a song backed by a Rock/Jazz band, a string quartet and a vocal group. It was written, recorded and released in the 1990’s. However, in post 9/11 performances it was received as a song that took on a new meaning. The acoustic version was featured in the 2002 September Concert video.


    Singer / Songwriter & Producer