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Danielle Charette

Brooklyn NY United States

    Statement of Work

    As we all do, I lived, lost, laughed, and loved.

    Then, September 11th, 2001 occurred.

    Struggling with the emotional aftermath of living in the city in the days, weeks and years after the attacks I moved to Pennsylvania in 2003 with a heavy head and heart, which greatly affected the direction of my work.

    The events of that day were constantly at the forefront of my mind as re-occurring visions and I needed to find a way to process them in a constructive manner.

    The selected works you are viewing were painted between the years of 2001-2008, and are from my series of works titled “2752- It is Always the Same” and “Broke in Brooklyn” which in totality include 45 oil and mixed media paintings. They are a symbolic personal journal of sorts to honor those who were lost either figuratively or literally in the World Trade Center attacks of 9-11, and tell my very personal firsthand account of the events surrounding “that day” from my minds-eye.

    These works tell a tale, sadly based in reality, with symbolism a key factor as opposed to the very graphic sensational photos and moving images forever etched in our minds.

    They are my attempt to heal, and through these works and time, I have.

    In 2014 I returned to reside and continue to create my artwork in my studio in lovely Greenpoint, Brooklyn, in the city I love.

    Healed, but never forgetting exactly where I was and what I was doing that day.

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    Danielle Charette is a Contemporary Narrative Artist who resides and works in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in New York City.

    Her art is a highly metaphoric form of story telling meant to convey her life experiences & evoke emotion in the viewer. With her folk art styling & iconic imagery, she paints haunting narrative tales of love, life, death, the afterlife, dreams, heartache, heartbreak, loss, whimsy & punk rock, often with conceptual elements & humor. Repetitions of theme, elements, color & design create cohesion throughout her paintings with each piece telling a portion of a story until the story is complete.

    Her work is an evolution of her love of love, geometrical shapes, folk & outsider art, dias los muertos, religious iconography, poetry, playing cards, symmetry, vintage deco & art nouveau design, fairy tales, the sea & a lifetime lived in a counterculture.

    Her Charette original oil paintings and art have been shown and hang in many galleries internationally and throughout the US and continue to sell both nationally and internationally. To view more of Danielle’s artwork please visit

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